Show Notes for Rope Weekly, May 16, 2006

Available on the BackPack Page .

Added bonus: at the bottom of the page, there are several pictures from our recent performance at the Annex in Madison, WI. One of the problems with performing with others on the stage is not that people don’t pay attention to you; it’s that you can’t pay attention to the other performers! I’ve been looking at the images that were taken (and yes, you’ll get to as well, they’re going to be going into a gallery soon) and most of the things there are completely new to me.

I suppose it’s actually a good thing, as that means that I was fully engaged in my scene with Genevieve. That was a fun one; I went in with only a vague idea of what I wanted to try, but a firm idea of where to start.

I began with tying her wrists together in her very own wrist bondage rope, the Pirate’s Plunder that was Monk’s Color of the Month a while back. That’s where I knew I wanted to start, but beyond that…well, there is that nice tie where the hands go down between the ankles, that puts the ass in the air, and with that up there, well, I happen to have this nice flogger and cane handy…and on it went. One of my favorite moments was after she was immobilized and hogtied, and then I put a vibrator right under her pussy where it pressed into the mat…and sat back to watch her wiggle.

Then again, doing the “Teddy bear, teddy bear” jump-rope rhyme while spinning the rope between her legs was a lot of fun, too.

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