More Complicated than I expected

At a Kinked event (sponsored by Madison Dungeon) last month, my friend Kai, the leader of the local CLICK group, wore a couple of interesting wrist gauntlets. They were basically turks-head knots turned into bracelets for each wrist. He had done it with rough manila rope, and I saw him later in the night doing a scene with a beautiful Nubian-princess type woman. He was using the gauntlets to rub against her skin, adding the texture of the rough rope to the stroking/scratching/pinching/slapping play.

It was hot.

Now, contrary to popular belief, I am not a knot geek. I leave that respectable title to people like the Hungry Tiger; me, I’m more about the connection and what it takes to get it. However, in this case, it is necessary to learn a complex knot in order to get this kind of sensation…and it is complex.

I pulled out the Encyclopedia of Knots and began trying it…and it took three or four re-starts before I had the basic coil around my wrist, and if I had to do it again right now I would have to look in the book again. Once the basic coil is down, however, it’s just a matter of running it over and under and over and under until you run out of rope.

I’m using one of Monk’s Exotics; the “cashmere”, and I am getting the fetishistic geek thrill of being able to multitask: I’m breaking in the rope, I’m getting to experience for myself the rope against my skin, I’ve got a hot fashion accessory, and most of all, I’ve got an added tool in my evil toybag for sensation play.

Genevieve has said she’s up for some play tonight…I’m hoping things will go well…

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