Roperider & Anneke Jacob Interviewed!

It’s been a very, very busy week here in Ropecast land. Tuesday I interviewed RopeRider, the organizer of the Bound in Boston event coming up in a little less than a month. It was interesting hearing his journey into rope – unlike many people who were “born kinky” he discovered it later, through his erotic photography. That site is well worth a look, and also has great prints for sale – I’ve already begun saving, though it’s a moot point since picking out just one favorite would be just about impossible. The man has a great eye, and in my humble layman’s opinion is a worthy successor to the work of Barbara Nitke.

Speaking of people born into their kink, today I had the pleasure of interviewing Anneke Jacob, whose books As She’s Told and Owned and Owner are two of the best examples of well-thought-out relationship-based dominance/submission fiction out there. Unlike the Marketplace series, which focuses on an entire organization and the people in it, As She’s Told focuses only on the two main characters, the Master and slave, and how they develop. I know, I may get some grief from people because she’s not technically a “rope” person, but these kinds of dynamics affect the rope community as well. Look for that podcast sometime next week.

I was very sad this week to learn of the passing of one of my heroes, Jack McGeorge. Jack literally changed my life when I heard him speak at Galleria Domain; I most recently got to talk with him at Leather Leadership Conference and am glad that I was able to tell him how much his words and moreover his example shaped the man I am today.  The Leather Yenta herself did a moving blog post about him, so I will simply ask that you look there, and remember, if you’re kinky, you owe at least part of the culture we live in that allows it to Jack McGeorge.

Semper Fi.

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