Rope Weekly October 29, 2005 Show Notes

Ruthie’s Club, with erotica by Samadi

Instant Expert’s Bibliography:

  • The Book of Knots. I really like the rating system in this book. Yeah, the explanation of the system is on the inside cover of the book and certain criticisms of the book are correct but it is my favorite at the moment.
  • Knots. This book is another with great illustrations and it is hardcover with a pretty photo on the front. I haven’t been really through this book in depth but the description of the Monkey’s Fist is amazing. It shows how to use your fingers to acheive this knot easily.

  • The Morrow Guide to Knots.
    Good book but the illustrations are photographs and, in my experience, the photographs are harder to learn from because they can’t highlight things as well as a good illustration.
  • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots & Ropework. I was unable to reproduce the Monkey’s Fist with this book when I first looked at it. Once again, the problem with this book is the photographs.
  • Knots: Mathematics with a twist
    . Warning, for math geeks only. You won’t actually learn any knots in this book.
  • Ashley Book of Knots (Just because it *is* the bible of knots)

Rope Weekly mentioned in both Fetish Flame Podcast and reviewed by Ms. Kitka!

Still time to sign up for the Austin Ropecraft Symposium!

Nanowrimo begins November 1, and Graydancer will be continuing a story begun last year entitled “Nawashi”. Any music suggestions for good writing motivations would be greatly appreciated. Visit this blog for regular excerpts! Part of last year’s novel will be published in the next issue of Secret Magazine–order now!

Monk has an interesting entry about a funny encounter at Folsom with a “Count Orloff”. For a more attractive and much more sensible vampire, visit Michelle Belanger

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