I’m getting a strange trial-by-fire in flow lately, as I try to keep all my eggs in the air. There’s the job egg, the family egg, the oh-my-house-caught-fire-last-night egg, the financial egg, and of course the Nanowrimo egg. Right now it’s going ok–I’m only 1000 words behind schedule–but I can already feel the tension, the “why am I doing this to myself!” building.

I counter it with flow. Instead of trying to make things happen, I’m trying to let things happen. Which is why, this weekend, we may have a rope & grope here, or we may just relax and watch a movie, or we may go to my studio and tie people up in interesting ways and watch them giggle and fly. But it’s far too busy to actually try and make any of it work. It – my life – wants to work; I’m just going to let it.

Love yields to business. If you seek a way out of love, be busy; you’ll be safe, then.
-Ovid, Remedia Amoris

I came across this quote in an article extolling the pleasures of liesure time, and bemoaning the lack of it in our world.

I think it pretty directly applies to rope play. Want to avoid any messy energy play, possible emotional entanglements? Be really invested in an outcome, in a certain knot, hell, spend time consulting books and such while your tying. Whatever you do, don’t try to take the time to actually feel what you’re doing, and by no means try to feel what your sub is feeling. That would just complicate matters, and you might end up going off in tangents, laying underneath them, waving your hands in the air and giggling.

then again, that can be quite fun. (thinking of Shevah).

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