Princess Donna & Practical Rope

I understand the needs of marketers. The fact is, if you want to sell a website to horny voyeurs and fans of exhibitionism, the name “Public Disgrace” is a lot better than “Practical Rope.”

Lea Lexis is tied up on Public Disgrace

 But when I go to the site and see pictures like the above one, I want to cheer. Princess Donna is the rigger for the site (as well as the devious mind that comes up with the public acts of disgrace the women go through) and she is providing a great service to the rope community.

See, many of  questions I get from everyday ropesluts (and yes, I mean tops and bottoms) are how to integrate the rope techniques into everyday stuff. Not everyone has a bondage frame in their bedroom, or a cross, or even a spanking bench. But other items of furniture – like the one above, a pool table – can be integrated with simple rope techniques. What, a few one-column ties and a two column tie put her in the position above? Easy stuff from any rope 101 class or book.

Lorelei Lee gangbanged on Public DisgracePractical rope. How to tie someone so that they can be gang-banged on a sawhorse, for example. OK, maybe that’s not exactly your kink that you had in mind, and maybe your elbows can’t touch in back the way that Lorelei Lee can. For that matter, not everyone has the fantasy of drowning in cocks that she seems to be fulfilling…though come to think of it, I know quite a few women who do.

I’m not saying that the site is going to be any kind of rope instruction – it’s not. It’s about sex, and exhibitionism, and public humiliation taken to the extreme (and I’ll have a lot to say about that later, since Sascha and I did some of it ourselves. That word on her chest? It means “cunt” in Russian, and it’s only one of many that were written on her body).

Princess Donna Ties Sabrina FoxBut Princess Donna is someone I would love to have a beer with and just talk about ways to take the classic rope skills and adapt them to everyday environments – or unusual ones, like this one with Sabrina Fox (yes, this site is Wired Pussy, which she also rigs for. She’s also a model. The woman must never sleep). That kind of inventiveness and adaptability is what I really think goes into a great rope top.

It’s a practical skill. I love the new sites that are coming up, everything from expanded shoots from the Twisted Factory to Boss Bondage to the Sergeant Major, but when do we kinksters get our own HGTV site? “This Old Dungeon,” “Trading Masters,” “Project Spankway,” or just a daily talk show with several submissive women talking about recent intense scenes they’ve been in or heard of called “The Whew.”

Or just “Practical Rope with Princess Donna.” I’m tellin’ ya, if this smut thing doesn’t work out, they’ve got a winner there…

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