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If you’ve listened to the most recent Ropecast you’ve heard me talk about the experience of working at the Twisted Factory – which is nothing like you would expect, it’s much, much cooler. You may think you know what it would feel like to have an entire factory at your disposal to plan shoots…but the reality is far better. You may speculate on how handy a good videographer and production assistant might be for a bondage scene – but they will help out and make things far more smooth and far more beautiful than you’d expect.

Finally, you might think that the models would be hot, the fucking intense, and that just maybe people on the set would actually have fun. In that, you’d be right, but what you might not expect is that the people would not just have fun, but have the dynamic of old friends, bantering, chatting, talking about interesting subjects besides (but not excluding) sex and the adult world.

Let’s take Derrick Pierce. I’ve been told he’s the exception in the adult industry, that the fact that he is intelligent, well-spoken, respectful and friendly to the models even as he’s ravishing them on camera, attentive to direction. I’ve been told, if I get into this line of work as a director/producer, not to expect everyone to be that pleasant to work with. That’s fine, but I gotta say, he made popping my porn-producing cherry a really good time, if you know what I mean.

Penney Plays HARD at the Twisted Factory

Penney Plays HARD at the Twisted Factory

Or let’s take Penney.  I thought I was going to be rigging and directing Penney, but as schedules worked out, I simply observed Chanta doing all the work. True confession time: I wasn’t looking forward to directing her. I’d watched the videos she’d been in, and I really didn’t like the way she begged – something about the whining pleas really grated on me. It’s personal taste entirely – I know for a fact it’s that adolescent tone that turns many of her fans on the most. It just wasn’t for me.

In person? She’s well-spoken, has a lovely tone of voice, a ready smile and a happy laugh and is also incredibly considerate of everyone on the set. I put that particular picture up there for a reason; moments after it was taken, she tilted her head up towards Derrick and asked, solicitously, “How are you doin’, Derrick? Feeling alright?” Personally, I’d think that the person in strappado having a large cock force-fed to her would be the one who should be a little selfish about check-ins…but Penney was truly a team player.

And hot. I mean, really. I only got to snap a couple of pictures, Chanta giving me a chance to get my feet wet before tossing me in the deep end the next day with Derrick and Mz. Berlin, but Penney’s body just glowed after the ropes went on. And her ass…my lord. I know that there are many supposed BDSM porn actresses who sort of “fake” the impact of the spanking, who can’t actually handle very much impact play. Penney, however, is actually a lifestyle player, and as such could take a walloping far greater than we actually had time to film. I stand here as a witness, folks: nothing feigned in this particular red ass:

If you want to see the two of them in action, check out the image gallery linked above or the free video preview gallery below. It’s well worth it, and it’s nice to be able to tell you, after so long praising the end result of Chanta’s work there at the factory, that what goes on behind-the-scenes is just as professional and even more fun than you’d expect.

Derrick Pierce devotes attention to Penney Plays ass on Chanta Roses Fucked and Bound

Derrick Pierce devotes attention to Penney Plays' ass on Chanta Rose's "Fucked and Bound"

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