New Class! “Beating in Tongues”

I’ve just finished updating my “Classes Offered” page with a new class:

Beating in Tongues: D/s Play with other languages.

Do you and/or your partner speak another language? From Latin to Klingon to Russian, using language – or the lack thereof – as part of your kinky play can be an amazing stimulation to the biggest sexual organ: the brain. Graydancer will discuss several different scenarios, including humiliation play, “verbal bondage,” literary D/s, role-playing and more. Interactive demonstrations will be part of the class, beginning to end. You don’t have to be bi, lingual or otherwise, to get some kinky inspiration for your next hot scene.

As of yet, I’ve not offered it at any events – so if you’d like to invite me out somewhere, yours could be the first! I’m immensely excited about this class, which I think will be unlike any out there. Right now I’m trying to talk the staff of Dark Odyssey- WinterFire into letting me teach it, or perhaps it can be done in New Orleans in January. Either way…stay tuned, I’ll tell you all about it after it’s delivered.

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