A Defining Moment from Germany

Ms. Sparks likes lots of rope...

Ms. Sparks likes lots of rope...

After listening to your podcast for over a year I had never actually been tied up before. I very much enjoy the podcast just for the warm and friendly way it talks about kink and sexuality- but I still have rather vague notions about my own preferences and inclinations.

Visiting my hometown the other week I finally took a friend of mine up on her offer to visit her at work for a cup of tea. Incidentally she works as a dom there, specializing in- among other things- rope bondage. After talking for hours about art etc. over coffee in their very nice salon, her popping off for a few minutes now and again to assist a colleague, we got to talking about rope, me telling her about your podcast and geeking out a bit on what little I know about it from you and monks instructional videos. So she jumped up and offered to show me her collection of rope which she orders from a very old traditional rope company here in Germany, and proceeded to tie me up to show me the difference between 8mm pretty dark blue cotton, 8mm hemp and 4mm hemp which she prefers for most of her suspension work. She only tied my arms, and we were both curious about wether I would like it or not. Turns out, I do! Yay! and frankly, I thought more rope was better than just a little, I guess I have a thing for abundance. After being shown several ways to tie arms and being surprisingly and charmingly tethered to the ceiling for a minute, we then had more coffee and she agreed to bring a bunch of rope the next time she comes to visit me. Yay!

So that’s my first little defining moment, and since your podcast has played no small part in it, I thought I’d share and say
thank you

Ms. Sparks

I’ve actually been a fan of Ms. Sparks (who is a talented illustrator) for quite a while now, even going so far as to figure out that she doesn’t, in fact, live in Denmark. But having this kind of feedback makes it all so, so worthwhile…

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