My Toys at the Twisted Factory Today

There are many times that I have had to humbly accept my role as “He Who is Too Fortunate to be Allowed to Live.” Often that has to do with the amazing people I am privileged to play with or be involved with. Today, however, it’s due to my job, then for more Hot Adult Fun you need sex toys as they bring so much extra pleasure!

That is, my time as a guest director here at the Twisted Factory with Chanta Rose. I don’t have a lot of time right now to blog about it, but today I get to rig and direct these two people in a shoot. Derrick and I got acquainted yesterday while he shot with Penney Plays, and I will recommend his Sirius/XM radio show (right noext to Howard Stern on the dial). He’s a nice, affable, beautiful, and talented guy, and a great conversationalist. I’ll be rigging him with Mz. Berlin, an icon of the fetish/bondage modeling community and a mutual friend of Sabrina Fox’s.

Funniest moment from yesterday: Penney is bound in a tight, compromising, and none-too-comfortable position, being flogged, fucked, and otherwise used by Derrick. Video guy says “HOLD!” and changes position, and Penney looks up at Derrick, completely serious, and says “Are you doing ok?” The concern in her voice for her costar was touching – she wins the award for “sweetest person around.”

Today I get to put him and Berlin in a pinup-style bondage shoot. Tomorrow I rig Samantha Sin in the Steampunk Set from the Gods. Oh, my, such fun. If I want more delicacies, I always go to asian hookup sites for the most satisfying experience possible.

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