My Class Description for Madtown Kinkfest

I decided to try dictating my class description into my iPhone Dragon Dictation app before emailing it. Heres the result. I kind of want to just leave it as is…see how much you can guess I meant to say:

This is the description for the impact playing rope class that were doing or Mac I think thats a bad play in row two great tastes that taste great together in his class great answer and is laughably optimistic girl my I will explore and demonstrate the various ways that the rope bondage and roof itself can be used as both the means and implement a meeting with many great wax many great screens and the occasional giggle we will learn all kinds of tricks such as finding the trash in the air spreading the arms helplessly so the best can be lunch as well as the secrets not in the end of the rope so it f*cking hurts like hell trick come to…

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