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I performed at the Madison Fire Ball last saturday, and was glad to be able to put up a fun gallery of pictures from the event. It was a little unusual, as it wasn’t necessarily a fetish event – more a social costume ball, a fund raiser, in fact, for local theater groups Stage Q and Mercury Players Theater.

So I was a little nervous – there were some friendly faces in the crowd, but for the most part I was a rope bondage performer playing before a crowd of people who were burlesque friendly but also natives of a very liberal and feminist-oriented town. That’s part of what I love about Madison, and why I feel it was a great place to raise my four queer daughters.

I shouldn’t have worried. The crowd was exuberant, lots of curious people coming up after the performance, asking about the GRUE, other workshops, Sabbat de Sade…it was a tremendously affirming experience. And then, to read this in the local alternative weekly:

However, one main feature everyone seemed to find particularly absorbing was a bondage suspension device on stage where shibari performer Graydancer, wearing a sleeveless black shirt and kilt, bound willing subjects with an impressive lattice of knots before literally letting them hang there blissfully immobilized. This man must have studied with the Boy Scouts, because the knots were so impressive they transformed what may have otherwise been a somewhat uncomfortable sight to me into a living sculpture.

This was accompanied by a gallery of pictures that included some really neat shots of me and my model, Anita Coque. All in all, a great night, and makes me really proud to be part of my home town.

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