Guest Post: Luna on Rope

I’m honored to have Luna, the blogger of BDSM is Love write a guest post about being a rope bottom, a subject I think gets far less attention than it deserves. Thanks, Luna! You can also follow her on Twitter for entertaining and informative updates.

When Graydancer asked me to write a post for his blog about being a rope bottom, I had to think for a moment about what I really had to say about the subject. I admit I’ve only loved rope for a few years, but being in a full-time relationship with a rope lover lends its hand to being exposed to the lusciousness of rope more often than others.

In searching for information about bondage and rope bondage in particular you will rarely see information about rope space, the spiritual connection of rope as a bottom or what a rope bottom should know about the ropes they love so much.

It’s not just about being tied up; although I like that. Rope becomes an extension of my very being. An expert rigger can pull the soul out of a bottom and into the rope. Rope exposes my inner feelings without saying a word. Whether synthetic or natural fiber, rope in the right hands can draw me in and pull me out.

Rope space is much like the frequently talked about subspace, but I feel that it is also uniquely different. I don’t need pain to get there; I don’t need humiliation or force. Just the presence of rope can send me floating. Each carefully placed wrap, every knot or hitch binds me and frees me. The world becomes the space between myself and my rigger connected by the rope he ties me with.

My body feels very sensitive, I can feel even the slightest rough fiber in the rope, or the pressing of the knot into my flesh. I feel as if my body is vibrating with the sensations. It caresses me and I caress it in return. I feel the rope mold my body, take my shape into new forms and that is beauty. I tend to sway in place if I am standing, become very pliable when laying down and can sense my mind losing all need for thought.

Rope space comes from finding that connection with rope and your mind. It is an ideal for many rope bondage enthusiasts and also something that not everyone is able to experience. As a rope bottom I found that knowing more about what my bondage top does to get me to that space has helped my connection with the rope.

Watch a rigger next time; the best ones will run their rope through their hands to check for weaknesses, knots, tangles and twists. This is when they connect with the rope. My Master also begins to build the final vision in his mind then. You can see their minds working through the core wraps, the harnesses and shapes they wish to achieve. It is there commune with you and the rope they love as well. They work the rope as a lover and as a rope bottom I can feel that energy pass to me through the fibers.

Rope submissives can learn just as much from a rope class as Tops, maybe even more . The knots and ties that we learn bring us further in our understanding of what the rigger is doing while we float away. It keeps curiosity at bay for me; I have a terrible habit of wanting to watch my Master tie and try to guess what he is doing before it is done. With basic information I can free myself to feel rather than focus elsewhere. I allow the rope to be my focus.

Even when rope isn’t the focus of our play, but more another tool to use, that rope is a security blanket. It is something that can comfort me, prepare me for the impact play or sensual/sexual play that may follow. It can be bound for the reason to cause discomfort and pain, the rope becomes the tormentor and it is delicious. Yet I yearn for more.

This is my place as a rope bottom. To yearn for the wraps, the exposure of my soul to the rope Top, the communion between myself, the rigger and the rope. It is the dance, the art, the pleasure and my focus. Rope focus. Functional art or painful beauty in rope. Invite me in and I  will float without leaving the ground, I fly without pain and I feel without touching.

luna has been in the BDSM lifestyle for over 5 years and a rope bottom for nearly 3 of those. luna authors a personal blog titled BDSM is Love ( Her newest endeavor is a submissive mentorship and self-help website called The Submissive Guide ( where she hopes to offer training courses and articles for novice submissives on the mindset and growth and learning opportunities of a submissive.

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