Lqqkout’s Pop-Bottle Cap Game

I’ve got to express my admiration for Lqqkout, who has been doing a scene here with Jinx for the last hour or so. After a really nice rope tie, he began playing games with spanking – the normal sort of thing like “tell me how many grommets in your boot – ok, now count on each cheek separately as I spank them, if you lose count, we start over…”

You know, normal stuff.

Then he started getting creative – like spanking her for creative words that the audience suggested such as “triskadekaphobia” (my suggestion – it got her 13 whacks). Or having her roll a “dodecahedron” (a 20 sided die) and giving her that many whacks (4, as it happened).

And just before I was about to head to bed, I thought I’d  hand him the cap to my bottle of coke. 12 letters and numbers. He said “I’ll tell you if it’s a letter or number, and if it’s a letter, I’ll even tell you if it’s a consonant or vowel. The first is a consonant. What is it?”

“Um…J?” she said.

“Nope, B.” WHACK! “A.” WHACK! “B. Now, the next is also a consonant…”


“Nope. M.” And the whacks continued.

Her ass was quite red by the end. And none of them were J.

DeviantTouch informs us that the game works with coke AND pepsi products.


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