Coming to you from the MinneGRUE…

Which was different than the past GRUE’s in that there were only about 15 participants. The Unconference model still worked well, though, and during the day today we did:

  • Stretching for Bondage – Amanda Wildfyre
  • Bondage & Role Play – Camille & DeviantTouch
  • Japanese Hojojutsu Aesthetic in Bondage – Graydancer
  • CBT – Amanda Wildfyre
  • Making Shit Up – Lqqkout
  • Learning to Trust the Munter Hitch – Eric Inman
  • Predicament Bondage – Camille
  • Practicum on Hemp vs. MFP – Lqqkout & Amanda Wildfyre
  • Woven Harness for Inverted Suspension – A Petite Blonde
  • Speedy Gonzales – Efficient Rope Handling – Lqqkout
  • Flying on the Floor & “Raw Rope – Tie ’em Up & Fuck ‘Em” Preview – Graydancer & Camille

Yes, that’s right. All that, plus a nice sandwich lunch, a yummy dinner, a trip out to the Smitten Kitten to say hi to Rachel Kramer Bussel, drool over the leather at the Cock Pit, and back for a play party. And lots of discussion, brownies, ice cream, coffee..yep, a great GRUE.

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