Just for my chat buddy….

Today someone who I chat with while working said something very flattering to me. She’s a person I know tangentially, but we’ve seen each other on the local scene, and she spoke about her impression of me:

"You seem to have more of a connection with the people you are playing with, and while there is often a sexual overtone, it is not obnoxious and does not run the show. You have an interesting combo of gentle and dominant."

While I also happen to feel that there are disadvantages to being all about the connection (since connection is sometimes hard to come by, and wouldn’t it be nice if it were just all about the hot ropey sex sometimes?) it was really nice to hear that, since that’s pretty much exactly what I aspire to.

So, just for her, some happy ropey sexy content. Behold what my lovely wife (no, that’s not her, she’s prettier) calls "the happy knot":

It’s called the Happy Knot because it makes people Happy:

Even people who, moments before, appeared Not So Happy:

These and more available through my friends at Water Bondage (click for the gallery, or here for the mpegs). And can I add, I really love these kinds of dungeon pix?

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