GloRoMo closes…

With some final pictures from JasonC and the revelation of some "secret" pics from Mick & Dee, I want to thank everyone who took part. Especially our main sponsor, Twisted Monk, of course, and the co-sponsors Susie Bright and Native American Exotics.

 In case you didn’t hear the podcast, here are the winners.:

  1. Turkey Tie theme: Greg & Jen
  2. $50 Native American Exotics Gift Cert (raffle): Madame Sacha & Bondage Party, and Crowcat & Sentinel
  3. People’s Choice ($50 Gift Cert to Twisted Monk): Who else but Mick & Dee?
  4. Grand Prize ($100 gift Cert. raffle): RopeGeek & Elf

But remember, everyone who took part gets both a GloRoMo sticker and a Susie Bright GrrlyCard that will give you a free month of her audio program (well worth a listen). So…if you haven’t already, send your mailing address to, and I’ll start sending them out this week.

Oh, and if you feel like helping with postage, there’s a shiny new donate button on the front page. Try it! You’ll like it!

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