Email from SubKnit Podcast

“Hi Greydancer,

I’ve been enjoying your show on my drive up to work for awhile now. I am so so so glad that there is a kinky podcast that updates regularly that is both interesting and purposeful. Congrats on publishing your book – I’d love an e-copy, so thanks for offering. 😉 I also liked the story about Reverend Hogtie – I agree with you that there’s no way he could have gotten into all that by himself. There was just too much going on. But whoever helped him was an idiot – whatever safety precautions were in place obviously went out the window the moment something went wrong.

I was wondering if anyone in your audience might be interested in my podcast- SubKnit. As you can probably tell from the name, it’s about knitting and kink. I’m trying to get more kink in there, since I have a larger following of knitters and I would like a kinkier audience as well. It’s not a very big leap from geeking out about knots to geeking out about stitches, i-cord bondage rope, and kinky knits. (There are some interesting projects out there, let me tell you . . . )

I have to go back to work now, but thanks in advance for the future plug and the e-book. I appreciate all you do for the bondage community, and if you’re ever in the Connecticut/ Western MA area, look me up. 🙂


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