Catalina Loves Her Daughter, and You Should Win A Lochai Print

As a parent and also a sex educator, I have a soft spot for parents doing alternative things while also raising their kids. And while I’ve never met her, I’ve enjoyed and admired the work of Catalina, a sex blogger and Mom who has run smack into some really rotten prejudices and double dealing.

Here’s the link for the full story: Catalina Loves Her Daughter. What is comes down to is that it’s not enough for the school to punish her for what they consider to be distasteful behavior – they are also taking it out on her daughter, which from a Christian school seems really reprehensible in that Damn-I-Hate-Hypocrites kind of way. So keep in mind if you donate to the raffle (she’s raffling off museum prints from Lochai‘s WEAM exhibit) you are not giving the money to Catalina – you are actually giving it to her daughter, and proving that a community of pervs cares more about her education than an administration full of assholes.

WWJD, indeed. My bet is he’d buy a buttload of raffle tickets, and then make sure that he won all the prints…and then multiply them, of course, so there’s enough for everyone, just like in the parable of the loaves & bitches. My Christian memories are a little fuzzy, but that’s what it was called, right?

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