Basic Rope Suspension Technique in MN 8-16-08

I’ve been told by some that I really ought to have an “appearances” page of places I’m going, since I travel so much. I’ll get to that, really. But meanwhile, here’s a gig coming up soon:


Want to fly?

We all hear how dangerous suspension is, how it shouldn’t be done without proper supervision and experience and OSHA certification and and and…and it’s all true, to an extent. But the basic principles of suspension can be taught, learned, and mastered in a relatively short time, and that’s what Graydancer offers in this workshop. From hardpoint to soft body and all the ropes and knots in between, he will cover everything you need to know to put bodies of all kinds in the air safely and comfortably. Bottoms will learn what to expect when they go in the air, how to communicate effectively with the top, and techniques to manage and maximize their experience. With Graydancer’s direct hands-on assistance this workshop will help you get the knowledge and confidence to add this experience to your kinky repertoire.

Space is limited to eight participants (that includes tops and bottoms) to ensure focused instruction for the participants. Couples are recommended, but single participants will also be welcome, either as top, bottom, or switch.

Time: Saturday, August 16, 1pm – 3pm
Place: Private Residence in Minneapolis (address provided to registrants)
Cost: $50/couple, $30/individual. Please bring cash or check to workshop
To Register, Contact Graydancer at 608-628-2105 or email

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