B is for Baculine

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a-to-z-letters-bis for baculine.

I had a lot of great suggestions for what to blog about for B. Booty. Bondage. Breast. Boobies. Blowjob. Even Bacon was, by nature, tempting. But then someone suggested “baculine.” And that got my attention, because I didn’t actually know what the fuck baculine meant.

And while I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about kink and sex, I do happen to know an awful lot. I’m a fan of esoteric words like callipygean and piloerection as they relate to pleasure, and bastinado has long been my favorite Eagle’s song. But this was something that I could not parse, not even searching my knowledge of root words. This was the ultimate seduction: challenging my current status as a sex geek while at the same time making me curious as to what this strange new word might reveal.

Much to my joy, baculine did not disappoint:


[bak-yuh-lin, -lahyn] adjective

pertaining to the rod or its use in punishing: baculine discipline in the classroom.
1700–10;  < Latin bacul ( um ) walking stick, staff

I got some criticism when I was in Our America with Lisa Ling because I mentioned that unlike most kinksters, some of my pleasures can be traced directly to abuse that I had when a child. Without going into too much detail, it was definitely baculine in nature, but unfortunately was not consensual. I’ve found, over the years, I’m very much a fan of the baculine pursuits with partners who are willing and eager to devote their backsides to it. Whether it’s “six of the good ones” (five parallel cane marks down the cheeks and one more diagonally to connect them all) or my own preference, the “asterisk” (two diagonals forming an X and a horizontal strike where all the lines intersect), there’s a combination of sensuality and ritual that makes the process amazingly intimate.





Afterwards, you get the physical talismans in the forms of patinaed welts that may last only minutes but, in some cases, can be felt all the way through denim jeans later on as you stand in line for the movie theater.
Baculine pursuits are not without their dangers, though; I was once enthusiastically fucking a partner from behind and, having a lovely Maui Kink oil-filled cane at hand I picked it up, planning to deliver the additional sensation of a sharp stroke to my softer, deeper thrusts. Unfortunately, I’ve not had a lot of experience using a cane at that particular angle, and so when it bent over her lovely buttocks the end – the part traveling at the highest speed – ended up on my thigh, leaving my own self-inflicted talisman.
I’m pleased to say that particular encounter came to a mutually satisfactory conclusion in spite of the misbaculination. But the lesson should be learned: cross-training is a good idea for all forms of physical endeavor, not just sports.

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  • Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys earlier today. I really look forward to the A to Z Challenge and meeting new people and checking out the different blogs. I think your blog will be a wonderful resource to the “romance” writer wanting to be as authentic as possible in some scenes.

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