A is for Aesthetic

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20130401-145845.jpg is for aesthetic.

I get very tired of the arguments I hear from people who declare that rope is only about sex, or that they only do rope for “aesthetic” purposes. The problem is not that I disagree with either; it is that I agree with both.

The word “aesthetic” (when used as an adjective) is “…concerned with the appreciation of beauty…” The problem I have is when the assumption is made that an erotic aesthetic is somehow more or less valuable than any other kind. In the end, all that’s going on is that when you look at something there is some quality about it that fires off a neurochemical reaction. Whether that’s a Mondrian or a Sperlonga makes no difference to the brain chemistry, and it shouldn’t make a difference to our interpretation.

If you do rope to get your dick hard, great. If you do it to foster the creation of beauty, more power to you. Personally, sometimes I look at rope and I’m overwhelmed by the simple joy of line and curve, and sometimes I’m energized by the erotic hunger that bound flesh can instill.

In the end, there’s no need for me to differentiate or justify the aesthetic for either one. Nor do I want to waste time trying. I’m too busy, as my friend Master Rope Knot used to say, “slingin’ string.


2 thoughts on “A is for Aesthetic

  • This post is freakin awesome. I am so glad I picked your blog to read as a fellow A to Z Challenge Participant. As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back!”

  • When I got down to the beautiful picture at the bottom of this post, I was truly captivated. Not by the rope or the flesh, but by the way the photographer framed your gaze. Imagining the experience of being the subject of such intimate aesthetic appreciation, that is what wakes me up inside.

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