“You Have Fan Mail!”

This from B., a young woman who attended the Hot & Kinky workshop I presented to the Ann Arbor TNG last month.

“Just wanted to send you a thank you. Your presentation really spoke to me in a couple ways, and changed the way I viewed some things, even the way I approach certain aspects of BDSM relationships.
Had a scene with another very nice TNG member I’d never played with before, and afterward all I wanted to do was cuddle some boobies and chill out… but after a few minutes all I could hear was your voice chanting in my head, “Doms need aftercare too!” Went and checked with him, let him know I was OK, asked if he needed anything (he’d moved right on to the next scene suspending a girl, so I offered him some water, etc.)… he was pleasantly surprised, and so were a couple other people at the party. Reminded a couple subs there that scenes can be emotionally and physically draining for the tops too, and we all noticed a little uplift in the next couple parties in bottoms checking back with the tops after a scene.

So, your words are getting around ;). Thought you’d appreciate knowing that!

But mostly, your comment that problems happen, accidents and mistakes happen, but that it’s how the two people deal with them that determines whether they’re a good dom/sub.top/bottom/whatever… It was a good reminder, and it really let me reflect on some things and let go of some grudges I’d been holding. I’ve had a much easier time of scening since then, and I owe you a thank you.

So thank you so much for coming to speak to us. You inspired me, and I’m grateful. It was great chatting with you!”

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