X is for XXXenophile

>20130427-231005.jpgAside from being “nice” and “mean” I also have a reputation for being funny. I believe I know why: sex is fucking hilarious. Really, it is. Whether it’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream or George Carlin making an orgasm face, there’s a huge amount of fun to be had when you are succumbing to hormones.

I also was a nerd as a youth. Dungeons & Dragons was my friend, Dragon Magazine my favorite magazine, and Phil Foglio my favorite comic book artist. So how ecstatic was I when, as an adult exploring the world of kink, I found out that he had published ten sexy and clever and witty and explicit and…well, I’ve already used the word hilarious, but it was fuckin’ funny.

It was called XXXenophile, and it was filled with scifi and fantasy and boobs and cocks and threesomes and aliens and just fun. It helped me accept the fact that it’s possible to be both playful and adult about sex, and that’s served me quite well over the years.

If you find a copy, or get a chance to read them…I highly recommend them. But no, you can’t borrow mine. Those bitches are hard to find…



One thought on “X is for XXXenophile

  • ooo! How did I not know about this? I love his MYTH.Inc covers. Will have to check this out. Thanks!

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