Wetting Your Appetite

…or should I say "appe-tight"?

Spending a weekend with Monk at the Abbey really gave me a new appreciation of rope. Especially wet rope. I spent a lot of time cooking rope, and after discarding the big latex rubber gloves he so considerately gave me (I still think there was some kind of non-consensual fetish going on there) I also spent a lot of time lifting wet rope out of kettles.

Do you know what happens to hemp when it’s wet? It turns into rebar! It becomes hard and twisty and unyielding and ick. Not the way it feels–the way it moves. "You know those guys at waterbondage.com?" Monk says to me, offhanded. "They work with rope like this all the time."

Now, I’ve already had a lot of respect and affection for the people there. Especially Chanta (who’s not there anymore) and Madison and Lew and (yay!) Claire. But the thought of doing something like this , and then untying it all and doing something like this …it just staggers the mind. And makes my fingers hurt.

So, when they ask you for a few bucks to see the content full-bore at Waterbondage? Remember it’s worth it.

Do it for the riggers, man. Do it for them.

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