We’re back!

I discovered the problem with the sidebar of my site–seems that Amazon.com’s Really Snazzy Book Link broke the thing. So, let’s talk about books again–but this time, I’ll just let you know where to go: Twisted Monk’s Book Page.

And this is a better time than most to order from him, since the events of the recent fire at the Abbey. I’m calling this a “Patience Drive”: order from him, and then be patient. It might be a while before some orders can be filled–but your order now will help him get things back in gear faster, so they can go back to bringing out some more of their fantastic products like bavarian blonde and blackbird.

Nope, no link on blackbird. As it happens, blackbird was a limited run (though I’m really hoping that he comes out with more). I was able to snag 30′ of the 4mm stuff, and it’s amazing.

First looks like regular hemp. Slightly more yellow than normal, but there’s a reason for that. Put it under a black light, though, and it suddenly comes out a brilliant white, glowing in a way that would make any Burner proud. Even better, the longer you have it under the light, the more it “charges”…and when the light is gone, it glows.

Yeah. Way cool.

But you can’t have any. It’s gone, sold out at Shibaricon. Hell, I’m sponsored by the guys and I barely was able to get the last bits. But, the sooner we get the Abbey back, the sooner he can start cooking up another batch…so if you’ve been thinking about ordering, now is the time.

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