Welcome Back, Brother Monk

< a href="http://www.twistedmonk.com">It has been my pleasure, for several years now, to call Monk, the man behind the rope at TwistedMonk.com, a friend. It started with him wanting to kill me, as all great friendships do, and has continued unabated since then, including him and the rest of his family out there at the Abbey being a significant part of my recovery from a devastating life change about eight months ago.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce that he has once again taken on the mantle of “Official Sponsor” of the Ropecast. Does this make me a corporate whore? No, it makes me a very lucky guy who’s going to get to use and share a lot of the finest rope made.

Recently Monk had a motorcycle accident and has been dealing with the problems of being a guy who makes rope but has a broken collarbone and therefore can’t use his right arm. Add to this the fact that Monk is, by nature, a very physical guy, and you have one unhappy man.

Or you would, if he weren’t Monk. Instead, he’s writing about it on his blog, sharing the experience, and has also decided:

“we are going to have a big sale this labor day weekend. Not sure if you are going to have a podcast out by then, but if so we are offering free shipping and all our exotics will be onsale. I’m calling it, “I fell off my f’ing motorcycle and broke my damn collarbone” sale. Catchy, no?”

And about that podcast: as I write this I’m uploading episode 102, Takedown!.

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