Live Webinar: “Creative Protocols for D/s Relationships”

We’re starting a biweekly webinar series with some of my classes that translate well to interactive video. The first is…

Creative Protocols for D/s Relationships,

Sunday, June 10, 7-9pm CST.

Ever feel like you’re going through the motions of power exchange without really feeling it?

Have the things that used to get your heart pumping turned into just another habit?

Naiia submits to Graydancer during a kinky cigar scene.This workshop for tops, bottoms, and switches teaches you to create rituals and interactions that strengthen your relationship and reinforce your power exchange structure. Learn how to transform your environment and everyday routine into an exciting and personal practice of in dominance, submission, and play, as well as some practical strategies for when it feels like you’re just going through the motions.

During this class, Gray will break down protocols into their basic elements and purpose, and then lead attendees in exercises that help create effective and personalized new protocols to bring partners closer and make the D/s even hotter.

This is a LIVE presentation, with a Q&A and personal feedback.

Can’t make the date? Sign up anyway! All registrants will have lifetime access to the recorded webinar after the event.

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