Unsolicited Boobies of the Day: Audacia Ray & the Sex Blogger Calendar

OK, I admit it, there was sort of a solicitation here: I saw Audacia’s cleavage on her flickr feed, and wanted to be able to mention again the Sex Blogger Calendar Project . You’ve bought your day, and pre-ordered your calendar, right? Because with shots like this video still from the behind-the-scenes video makes it pretty worthwhile, I think.

I’m counting it as unsolicited because

  • It’s a video still, not the flickr pic I initially suggested
  • When Audacia called me on the solicitation, I withdrew the request…and then she sent it. BAM!
  • Magnificence such as this needs no excuse.

Audacia Ray's Unsolicited Boobies of the Day from the Sex Blogger Calendar Project

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