The Training of O

James Mogul has been working with for a while now, putting together a nice series called "the Training of O."

One of the neat things about it is that, while obviously entertainment, there is a care to the realism and training given that I think is really useful to the community:

Training Report
Progress Review: Previously in Day One, the trainee was pushed to defy her expectations and inflame her anger. She was given plenty of latitude to act out, and her hostility and resentment boiled over into viscous retorts, an inability to process pain, and a failed rope suspension scene.

On the positive side, she is extremely sexy. She does indeed orgasm from penetration and her cunt is so strong that it actually pushes a dildo out when contracting in orgasm. She is an excellent cock sucker and she actually becomes more pliable and submissive when being sexually used.

Training Goals:

* Expose the trainee to some degree of actual submission
* Impose a very basic protocol
* Instill a sense of respect
* Improve comfort with sensory deprivation
* Improve pain management

Recommendations: The challenge with this project is to retain / nurture her spirit while instilling a sense of discipline and respect.

The trainee suffers from a classic case of topping from the bottom and it affects her ability to fully immerse herself in submission.

Put her into an interrogation setting and confront her on her attitude toward submission. Take away her ability to top from the bottom and ‘tough it out’. Beware. While the consequences of stripping away one’s lifelong defense mechanism is unpredictable, one thing that can be counted on is pain. Courage is required to survive such a test and she has it, but she needs to let go and allow herself to take a step towards trust.

Give her a light sensory dep experience and flogging, followed up by a hard fuck in her tight pussy to evaluate the feel of that cunt tightening down around the cock when she is orgasming.

Now, the part that really catches my eye (aside from the hot photogallery and MPEGs, admittedly not a lot of rope but, well, with asses like the one above, I am willing to overlook that shortcoming) was the bit about "a failed rope suspension". Did you get that? James Mogul, the guy who helped put shibari on the internet map, is admitting and accepting that scenes, suspensions, and  training does not always go as planned. And what does he do about it: blame the sub? Give up and find another one? Keep doing the same thing, expecting different results?

No. He has identified the areas that need work, found a strategy to address them, and (I suspect) also come up with a plan for his own areas of development and planning. In other words, he is not saying "I am Dom; therefore I am the fount of all wisdom".

I have a book, pretty painful to look at now, but which I’m proud of. It contains the notes for my attempt, about a year ago, to repair some damaged trust between my slave minx and I. It has notes from interviews with her, notes from sources such as "the Topping Book", plans for scenes, evaluations for scenes to follow. Not all went as planned, and the relationship ended for good for other reasons – but we were making progress. More to the point, we were doing the work. And if you’re a top, and you don’t realize how much work it’re not paying attention.

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