The Joy of Teaching

I taught an intro to rope bondage class at < a href="http://www.a-womans-touch">A Woman’s Touch in Madison last weekend. It was a small but fun class – four couples, some brand new, some with a little experience. We went through one and two column ties, a basic chest harness and a matanawa (and some variations). Pleasant enough…

But what’s great is that I’m hearing feedback from people in the class – one woman went home, had her lover who’d taken the class with her try some more on her, and then later with her boyfriend tried some more with “…very nice results”. And today I found out that another woman woke up to find the Knotty Boy’s book open and a very pretty knot tied to the chair next to her bed – her husband may be doing this stuff in his sleep!

Knowing that my classes help bring couples closer together gives me a serious warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Monk and I have talked about this – about the feeling of knowing that what you do is going to help people get off. It’s a particular feeling you don’t normally get in tech jobs.

Incidentally, I’ll be teaching that class, and an intermediate rope class, at the Milwaukee location of A Woman’s Touch next weekend, the 13th of October. Participants not only get free rope, they also get a 10% off coupon for their next purchase at A Woman’s Touch. Oh, and don’t forget a lifetime subscription to the Ropecast!

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