The Graydancer Guarantee

As I teach, I often close classes by talking about what I call the “Graydancer Guarantee.” No, this is not “satisfaction guaranteed” – you are responsible for your own satisfaction, and that’s something I firmly believe in – whether we’re talking about a boring saturday afternoon or your 35th orgasm of the evening. Instead, it’s more of a “terms of service.”

The Graydancer Guarantee is more about integrity. I believe in what I teach, and what I do. If you hear me say something, you can be sure that to the best of my knowledge it is given with full confidence that it is true. Furthermore, if I later find out that I was wrong, I’ll own up to it and do my best to correct any previous misinformation. I’ve done this for things as esoteric as the Myth of Herpes & Cell Popping and as vital as removing a friend’s image and voice from my podcast feed because she was concerned with privacy issues.


Nope. Sorry. I accept donations, gladly, but I’m afraid that if you donate, I won’t give it back. In fact, I may be using it to buy an ice cream sundae with hot fudge, or a Cohiba, or just to see the newest Jet Li flick. It’s more likely that I’ll use it to pay for server rental for the Ropecast, or for the costs of maintaining this blog, but if you donate, be aware you are donating to support me and my work – and I’m the one who determines how that monetary energy can best be dispursed.

You will, however, have my undying gratitude and the gratitude of other listeners and readers for helping me continue to do the work.

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