the Fibonacci Torture

I know, I’m breaking rules by not going on and on about Shibaricon. Trust me, enough happened to keep the pornoblogosphere going for years. We’ll all get around to it eventually.

Instead, I want to put forth a follow-up to the “coke bottle cap” game invented by Lqqkout at the Minnesota GRUE. See, one thing that bothers me about the traditional “Count your strokes, slave!” idea is that it’s so simple. I mean, counting is something anyone over the age of two can do. Even making it challenging by having them count separately on each cheek as you spank gets a little too simple, in my opinion.

I found a little fun in having the foolishly willing Terrorlynn count to the beat of a metronome while two file clips (applied by Lochai) were attached to her nipples. First I had her guess the speed of the metronome (she guessed 190 beats per minute) and subtracted from that the actual bpm (122) which gave me 78, the number she needed to count to before the clips could be removed.

Then I started the metronome (one of the old-fashioned, mechanical kinds) to ticking…and ticking…and at about 36 I suddenly speeded it way up, and she lost count. As she started over, I realized that she probably wouldn’t make that mistake again, verified when I again speeded it up and she didn’t miss a beat up through 51. So I decided to take the direct sadistic approach, and slowed it down as far as possible, letting her watch the swinging arm back and forth as it incremented her torture bit by bit.

Such fun.

But I imagine an even more fun game, for those submissives who are somewhat geeky and/or good with math. Ever heard of the Fibonacci Number Sequence? The first number of the sequence is 0, the second number is 1, and each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers of the sequence itself.  So 0+1=1, 1+1 = 2, 2+1 =3, 3+2=5, and the sequence would be 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5…and so on.

So the challenge would be to pick out some punishment – a spanking, something similar – and have the bottom only shout out the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence! If a mistake is made, you start over.

The only problem I have with this is this: I don’t know the sequence well enough. Perhaps using a sharpie to write it along the bottom’s spine before spanking? Projecting it on the wall? It’s the age old dilemma of kinky sapiosexuals…it’s far too easy to find subs that are smarter than you are.

To inspire you, here’s a gallery from’s Sex & Submission site with more beautiful people doing terribly wonderful things to each other.

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