The Energy of Two

Interesting thing happened last night. I’ve watched musicals since I was knee high to a coffee table, and last night my daughter and I decided to pull out the old favorite “An American in Paris.”

Now, the “dancer” in my name is not there for decoration; I’ve been a serious dancer and the number two role model for how I wish I could dance is Gene Kelly. I grew up loving Singin’ in the Rain, an American in Paris, even the way he moved in the Three Musketeers. It was incredible.

Now, years later, I watch the finale of “An American in Paris”…and there’s this one pas de deux that just floored me. “That’s what I try and do in a scene!” I thought. “That’s the feeling, exactly.”

So, after some fiddling, I got just the scene selected from a youtube mashup of the dance with some music by Pulp (good tune, too, gonna add it to my scenemusic). Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

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