That Smile

My online friend Bacchus has a tendency to show an interesting pro-sex phenomenon: smiles. In short, he will show images of models both before and after (or sometimes during and after) their hot bondage scenes, and how genuine and happy they are.

It is in that spirit that I share these pictures of Abby. First, an image as she’s being carried over to meet her punishment, for being disruptive during a military style bondage event (she was there as a war protester, with a shirt that read “There is no Dom in Freedom!“, the remains of which are fluttering above my desk right now).

 Abducted Abby

Yes, definitely the face of a damsel in distress, a woman unsure of her fate, but certain that wherever her curvy ass is going, there’s going to be something there she won’t like.

But wait: a few moments later she is being bound to a post, preparatory to retaliation for kicking me in the stomach (thank god she aims high):

Bad Abby

Look closely. What first seems to be a wary grimace has definite elements of glee in it, don’t you think?

Then let’s go on to a later event, when she was being chastised for some inappropriate comments:

Chopstick Abby

No doubt about it! That is far from a chastised look; she is obviously having fun, in spite of my improvised chopstick and rope gag (patent pending). What is a rope top to do but string her up? That’ll teach her!


Um, yeah. She’s obviously learned her lesson.

In reality, though, this has become my favorite suspension picture. Why? Because she is so full of the joy of where she is and what is being done – and with all the Big Bad Domly Lord of Painful Squeals bullshit that goes on in the scene, what it comes down to for me is sharing the joy of the rope, the bodies, and the connection.

Thanks Abby. And thanks also to Charles, who’s clever eye caught the moments as they happened.

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