Talk about a GREAT name…

"I am a female Dominant with my first submissive. He is my slut and a body to play with. I was very interested in what u said about being a rigger who is interested in japanes style. It is a way i think i can describe myself. I come frome a sailing background and am using a lot of the rope skills learnt there. Hope i can find some one to mentor me who can bring me on, Thanks for a different angle on things.
Subtletortion , a trainee rope tormentor."

There are times when I roll my eyes at the names people come up with for themselves in the scene. Lord-High-Domly-Dom-Night’s-Master-of-Whatever, etc. My name has specific meaning, and yes, while it is a nom de plume, it is a fitting one. I’m also the first to support the idea of names having power, and the power of claiming your own being very affirming. Of course, I can never forgive RopeGuy from stealing the perfect name before I ever thought of it, but then, he’s gotten to a lot of things before me.

"Subtletortion" is my new favorite name, though. So many great layers of meaning, and just saying it with a nice sneer on the mouth is enough to make a sub quiver with fear. I hope to hear more from her…

Oh, and because it’s been a while, here’s some rope porn. Specifically, some good examples of ties and techniques that work with large breasts in particular. Not that I’ve got anything against small breasts (in fact, I wish I had a couple of small breasts against me right now, wokka-wokka) but the fact is that it’s the benefit you get in return for not being able to jog comfortably.

Aside from the simple pleasure of boobies…wait, as I write this, I’m realizing that I forgot something! (scurry off to web program for a moment…talk amongst yourselves…) As some of you know, I’ve been having a rather difficult time personally of late. I appreciate your patience, and I’ve been neglecting some emails and some friends like Steve Indands and Greg & Jen of the West Michigan Rope Group. Which is really sad, since the latter sent me recently some very nice boobie pictures and offered to share them with the Ropecast community.

So, I have created a gallery in the "Technique" section of my site, entitled "West Michigan Rope", and I hope to be filling it with more pictures from this couple (and the group). In fact, it’s probably going to be time soon to figure out a road trip out there…maybe early to mid May, between Leather Leadership Conference and Shibaricon.

Of course, I’ve also got an interview coming up with them, when schedules permit…

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