Suspension Class at SpankFestival

This is NOT the suspension we'll be teaching

Just spent two hours on Skype with a hot bi babe talking about rope play and hot suspension…

That’s right, Lqqkout, Nyxx, Sabrina Fox and I will be presenting a class on suspension – more of a workshop, really – at the upcoming Spankfestival. I’m really happy with the outline we came up with – it’s solid info, well-researched and tested either by us or by our mentors. Even better is the little bits of shiny we’ll get to insert, the parts of a presentation I love, when we get to not only teach but entertain.

Sneak preview: we have a section on scene etiquette for suspensions in public spaces…

…and we’re doing it Goofus & Gallant style.

This is gonna rock.

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