Stepping Away From Consent Rocks

After a lot of reflection, I have decided not to be a part of the process of turning Consent Rocks into a non-profit and independent organization. You may have heard of the Consent Rocks Process by another name like Rashomon or Incident Response Team That’s Not CRF.

I still feel that it’s an important step for Consent Rocks to become independent if it is to continue to benefit events and organizations. However, because it’s an important step, it needs someone with more resources than I currently have to devote to it. It needs people with skills and experience in forming corporations, writing bylaws, and navigating that kind of thing that I do not have.

In addition, I feel personally that an organization that is devoted to helping improve consent incidents needs to be headed by someone who does not belong to the same demographic as the majority of the people involved in consent incidents. In other words, it’s gonna be hard to trust an organization led by someone who reminds you of the person you needed the organization to deal with in the first place.

That’s my own opinion; I’m not interested in debating it with anyone.

So You Don’t Care About Consent?

I didn’t say that. I’ve been ranting about consent issues for years, and I expect to continue to do so. I will certainly support Consent Rocks as it continues to develop under the expert hand of @LoniAngel. She is another founder of the process and the most experienced in leading and developing Consent Rocks Crews.

I will continue to present on both the Consent Rocks Process (yep, including trainings) and on consent in general – that’s an activity where I do have the skills and experience needed. I’ve been asked by more than a few organizations to consult and review their policies around consent incidents, and they tell me it’s been helpful; I’ll continue to do that, as well.

You can also continue to use the website for more information – just be aware that you won’t be talking with me anymore.

So That’s It, Then…

Not quite. I have to thank several people for helping me on this journey over the past couple of years:

  • @IronTempleDog, @EternalAngel, and @LoniAngel for working with me to develop the initial “Rashomon” process
  • Dark Odyssey, ROPECRAFT, and RambleGRUE for inviting us in to use the process.
  • All the members of the Consent Rocks Crews (whether they were called that or not) who put their time and emotional labor to work for the community.
  • @Naiia for supporting me in every possible way.
  • @LoniAngel again, for being a partner I can trust to continue the work, and to support my own self-care.

And thank you, community, for taking part in the painful but necessary work of improving our understanding and practice of consent.

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