Some notes on the Austin Ropecraft Symposium

It was truly a grand time. What you see to your left is a pic Lochai got from a pick-up scene between Vincenza, Bridgett Harrington, and I. Note the Pirate Hat of Doom, which we determined protected Doms from harm as long as they were wearing it. The whole thing started with me supposedly doing a quick suspension on Vincenza. Then Bridgett stopped by to say hello, and then decided to say hello to Vincenza’s nipples. Giggling ensued, and pretty soon she was flying, gasping, giggling and swearing as we pinched her nipples (as pictured), spanked her ass, tied her hair, kissed her, caressed her, and did everything except call her George.

I don’t think Bridgett ever did get to talk to her friends. About an hour later, we were a happy snuggly ball in one corner of the dungeon, still torturing and teasing poor little Vincenza between us. At one point she and Bridgett got into a little tug of war, about three inches of rope between them as they clenched it with their teeth, growling and shaking their heads like kinky terriers. Then Bridgett suddenly let go, causing Vincenza’s head to snap back violently–about 6 inches to where my head was snuggled up behind her.

CRACK! was what I heard, and then I was laying on my back, looking at the ceiling, wondering why I was still conscious. I realize now that if she’d done that a little to the left and down I would have a broken nose now… As it was, there was a quickly fading lump and a lot more giggling and laughing. We also decided that in truth, I’d been co-topped by them, just for a very short scene…

Another favorite moment came shortly after Bridgett‘s Assymetrical Bondage class. I’d had a moment of inspiration during it, a quick sketch in my moleskine leading me to frantically look for bodies to realize it. Thanks to a lovely M and the ever-accomodating TruckerSpike I was able to actually do a suspension OF the woman ON the man. It was hurried, so it’s going to take some more work to get it just the way I’d like it to look…but the concept was there. M declined to have her photo taken, but TruckerSpike is a camera whore, and so I do have this little tease to show, again, courtesy of Lochai.

As I write this entry, I am viewing the first of three DVDs featuring the performance work of Osada Steve. It is intense, beautiful, and raw; watching him work I definitely see the years of polishing for his art. The performer in me would rather that there was different music to the one I’m watching now…but that’s a tiny, tiny criticism, and for the club he was at, it was appropriate. Right now a topless model in a floor-length skirt has been taken down from a crucifix and is being bound with the flowing skirt still on. You can order them from Twisted Monk right now; I’ve been told by my friend who I gave volume 2 to that it was the best housewarming gift he’s ever gotten.

Finally, special thanks to Max in Brooklyn who donated to the Rope Weekly Podcast fund. Thanks to him, I get some coffee, and may even be able to pay for the Backpack subscription where I keep my show notes. In return, I’m putting up a special set of preview pics from

They feature a beautiful model and friend named Sasha Sparx. Now, admittedly, I only know her tangentially–I’ve talked a lot more with her partner Lomax (now forever to be known as “MotherFucking Lomax” to Bridgett and I, but that’s another story. I find this pic to be the most compelling, somehow, though there is also some great knotwork to be seen in this one–notice the cool way the hands are bound to the butt? You can also see some video action at this gallery

Thanks again, Max!

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