Shibaricon, here we come:

My bio for Shibaricon:

Graydancer, Ninja Sex Poodle & Ronin of Love, comes from the venerable rope bondage tradition of Madison, WI, where he honed his craft to become the world premiere podcaster of rope bondage with “the Ropecast”. A part of Shibaricon from its birth, he currently plies his trade as a masterless Rope Top across the U.S., smiting the evil of sloppy ends wherever they may lie.

My first class, Military Style Bondage:

Military-style bondage draws from the traditions of the samurai, the cavalry, the native Americans, special forces, and even various fictional sources to explore the fun of role-play in a Military style. Explore not only the physical forms of ties and the reasoning behind them (including how to modify them for the safety and comfort of your “prisoner”) but also the psychological aspects of military discipline, interrogation techniques, and especially the methods of securing and manipulating the male body.

And the second, Rope Fetish Performance Techniques:

Let’s face it, some of us do rope not for the hot sexy flesh and cords, but because it looks COOL! This class will start with a demonstration of how NOT to stage a bondage performance (whether in Shibari style or otherwise).

We’ll then discuss the aspects of performance that can apply to the art of fetish and bondage, using examples and workshopping it with participants. The class will close with an example of what Graydancer considers to be adequate performance technique, with the demonstrative help of his Filthy Assistant.

NOTE: No handouts will be given out in class so that participants can give full attention to the instructor and their practice. Class outlines will be available after Shibaricon at

Best of all? The first class is at 9:30 am on SUNDAY, and the second is at 12 noon on MONDAY. So NOBODY’s going to come to either one! Sweet! I get to coast!

However, lots of people will be signing up for my workshops at A Woman’s Touch the week before, on Saturday the 19th. Or, if you feel like coming to Madison, I’ll be presenting on “multiple Person Bondage” for the local Satyricon group on Saturday the 12th.

Either way, if you’re in the midwest, come to scenic Madison or Milwaukee for an afternoon of fun with rope!

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