Shibaricon Fiat!

We did it. We made it through another incredible weekend of rope and friends and learning and passion. I got about 4 hours of sleep a night, including last night, so I’m still bleary, but it was all soooooo worth it. Everyone who I met for the first time, it was great to feel you become part of the Shibaricon family.

And my Shibaricon family with whom I’ve been reunited…how incredible was it to see people like Greg & Jen, who went from shyly saying hello one year to this year me walking in to see him leading a class. Or the joy of seeing Persephone greeted by Philip with “Oh, are you the poet?” and seeing her pleasure at being seen for more than her beautiful body. Watching Lqqkout and Genevieve do an incredibly sensual Japanese style suspension, and later seeing Jimi and Phaedra do a spoof on the whole cult of Mt. Fuji that left us in tears. Meeting Elizabeth, Mike West’s guest, and seeing her naturally do a performance that was stunning in beauty, strength, and pure hotness. Getting the gift of a very special paddle from a dear friend, who also honored me with the role of witness to her piercing. Or sitting in dazed fatigue with Monk, Tambo, and Nerdy on the couch, finally getting to talk with them and introduce them to Persephone.

Or just the joy of the classes and new skills and the feeling of love and support that we all gave each other. It was wondrous, and if you didn’t make it…it was not just your loss, it was our loss, as well, because we would have enjoyed your energy there as well.

And while I’m suffering from Con Drop, to be sure, a special thanks to Silvermist, for reminding me that my family is joined through the internet, with a pre-show recording for the next podcast.

I think, now, a day after it all ended…I’m starting to recover. Maybe.

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