sera, part two

"Graydancer initially bound me under my breasts, and again, I can’t say I felt sexual excitement. When the rope dangled between my thighs, I got a bit wet, but I attributed that to touch itself, not the fetish act. In fact, for the first five to ten minutes of bondage, I was having fun, but I was focused on work. Then, Graydancer ran rope from my hair to my ankles. And oh-my-god."

"I’ve long loved having my hair pulled, my neck stretched. I’d never before imagined rope pulling it. Suddenly, not only did I feel a constant tug, but also, when Radical Vixen or Gray pulled the length running down my body, I felt an even deeper pull. The more they pulled, the more I found myself pushed into an intensely erotic submissive space. Sure, I tried to act as the consummate professional, but when every cell in your body is yearning for and curling into that deep pull, it ain’t easy."

from her blog. (I’m blushing.)

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