Sabbat de Sade: Inquisition

Sabbat de SadeI was really glad that last night I was in town for a change during the local fetish night, Sabbat de Sade (held every third Sunday of the month at the Inferno). Karcus Katharsis, Keith from MyWifeBound, and a few other volunteers (including myself when I can) set up the club with all sorts of bondage equipment, ranging from the usual suspects (crosses, suspension frames, spanking benches) to occasional special-use items (like the bed of nails there last night, and the rack (to fit the inquisition theme).

I had a fantastic time. Aside from the fact that a friend who’s been absent from the public kink scene for far too long was there and ropetopping people all over (there is nothing hotter than a petite, vicious, and competent female rope top, imo) I also continued my new policy of No Dance Card. That is, I did not arrive and start setting up scenes with all comers, nor did I plan in advance to do lots of scenes.

No, I had one, maybe two planned: one with my girlfriend Ms. Behavin, who was the primary focus of the evening (our first together after a 10 day trip for me) and the second with Abigail (great name for an Inquisition, don’t you think?). Ms. Behavin got her first suspension, an angelic swan dive followed by a partial (with flogging!). Forget the rope work (there’ll be pictures later), the scene was best summed up by my friend Benny, who told me on the way home “I love seeing the way she looks at you.” There is a submissive bone in her body, but it’s buried very deep and only comes out in private; as a result,  our public scenes tend to be fiery contests of will and laughter and “Ooooh, I’ll get you for that!”

This particular scene included one of my favorite pasttimes, cutting the clothes off of a woman in bondage bit by bit, sometimes violently, sometimes just deliberately, and then (after the event) wearing them on my head.

OK, that last part isn’t typical dom behavior. It’s a Gray thing.

She was gorgeous up there, and while I did pull out the floggers and wartenburg wheel and paddle of doom and such, nothing seemed so appropriate as just grabbing the back of her hair and snogging with abandon, just letting the energy between us crackle and sizzle. If we hadn’t known that we’d see each other later that night, I suspect a few rules about sexual contact in the club might have been broken.

It was a breakthru scene for us in a few ways (aside from the joy of suspension) with what she called the “Best Aftercare EVER!” (and no, I won’t give away that secret; it wouldn’t work for you anyway). I do have to add that part of the joy of dating Ms. Behavin goes beyond her obvious physical charms; later I saw her learning to throw a singletail with Nullmoniker, and still later meditatively leaning against a post, shirtless, as he gave her a talented flogging.

Now, when your girlfriend is being flogged by someone of his skill, it would take a bigger man than me not to have some insecurity. “What if he’s better at it than me. What if she likes his flogging better than mine?” flashed through my head. Of course, at that moment I was, in fact, flogging a fine upside down Abigail ass (see below), so it would have been hypocritical to feel any actual jealousy…or, at least, to let it fester and linger. As it was, I answered my own question (“Well, I guess you’d better get better at flogging then, hadn’t you?“) and went on happy to see my girl having fun. Anyone who thinks that poly people don’t get jealous, well, be aware that we do; it’s just the way it’s handled that is (hopefully) different than monogamous relationships.

Abigail was game for the inverted crucifixion that I’d planned (“Just like St. Peter!” she exclaimed), but we had to wait by then for our turn on the suspension frame. That was not a bad thing- I got the main ropes tied, and then decided to use them to do some Full-Contact-Dom play with her tied, hands over head, to a column. Blindfolding her with a Harrington Bondage Scarf, I played with breath (by pressing my body on hers), pressure points (my thumb and index finger were the exact right width to hit those neat spots on either side of the pelvic girdle), and some psych play (leaving her “alone”, for example, while in fact asking my friend Nullmoniker to keep an eye on her while I ran a quick errand).

That’s part of the fun of the public scene; you can rely on friends. When we actually did the inversion (“Would you take my skirt off, please?” she asked before going up…well, shucks, I guess.) I was planning on mainly having the weight on the ankles, with a waist line as a backup. That meant hoisting two lines at once…and while I may be Bergelmir the Blacksmith of Pleasure, I only have two hands. But the aforementioned Hot Rope Top was nearby, and as I know she’s also an expert rock climber I asked her to be on belay as we hoisted Abigail into her “punishment”. We got it up – er, that is, we got her up, and fun and merriment ensued with flogger and hands.

Again, pictures were taken, and will be shared later, when I get them. But the Inquisition was a success; she went up a Pagan, but when I got her down, as she lay there basking in the endorphins, she let out a heartfelt “Jesus Christ!

And my work there was done…

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