escaping the Tyranny of the Technician

Well, if I ever needed a justification for including the Sugasm on occasion both here and at other sites, I got it this morning. Looking over my site, adding in a few little toys (like the little widget over there on the right that lets you put the content of my blog on your site, neat, huh?) and things like links to the Nawashi Podiobook (now at #7!). And just for fun I clicked on the link to

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! I discovered, aside from fun little Pics-of-the-Day like the one at left, some of the images that I’d first found years ago when I first started my performing and rope art seriously. Images like this one, which I found singly years ago, which led directly to me doing suspensions like this one. And even better, there were entire galleries based around these pics!

Some of you may be looking at these images and saying “Well, yeah, Graydancer, they’re hot, but look at the sloppy lay of the rope! Some of these pictures only have one two-column tie, and even that’s not really well put together. Why, in some of them they’re using untreated rope!”

To which I say, why, yes, that is true. And it’s fucking hot. In the second part of the interview with Midori on the last Ropecast, she mentioned something called “the tyranny of the technician.” Now, I’m as happy as the next guy to sit down with a beer and talk about the history of knots and whether the first lay of a takate-kote should be over or under the breasts. It’s fun, it’s kinda geeky, and gets funnier the drunker you get.

But if it gets in the way of the fact that you are tying up a person, that you are creating something – be it art, sex, fetish, fashion, whatever – with your hands and their body and, oh yeah, some rope – then you are subjecting yourself to that tyranny.

RopeRookie doesn’t do that. The images here have, as their prime focus, passion. Beauty. Sexuality and sensuality and the energy of the binding, not the intricacies of the knots. The photographs are done by someone with an eye for framing and detail that just grabs you.

So, as I look and realize that some things are missing from my site (like a links page) I can promise you that RopeRookie will be a regular part of this blog from now on.

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