Real Sex

Last night was the inaugural meeting of an erotic writing group I’m joining. One of the members, J, wrote something that really resonated:

Things go slow in real sex. We take our time and linger over skin, slip, make mistakes and laugh. This is what I like about real sex that makes it impossible to write-without being dull.

I was especially blown away by the fact that it was apparently the demo rope scene that my wife Genevieve and I did that inspired the thought.

Link to Backpack page with ChantasBitchesSpeaking of real sex, if you missed it, Chanta Rose gave me a great interview in the last Rope Weekly. Seems like a good time to contribute some of the great free content that she gives me. I put some recent pictures and links to free video galleries over on the Show Notes for this week’s Rope Weekly. Some great examples of both classic strappado and also predicament bondage!

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