Ravenous Romance publishes my work again!

Love Notes Anthology

Love Notes Anthology

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I <3 Rachel Kramer Bussel. I’ve loved her work for years, as a blogger, sex-positive educator, and writer/editor. When I actually got to befriend her through Cunning Minx, and then later she started accepting my stories for her anthologies…well, it’s seriously like a dream come true.

Literally. I mean, while signing my first literary contract wasn’t quite as glamorous as I’d hoped (the advance is about enough to pay for a bag of coffee) it was still my work going out into the eyes of many people. Even better is the fact that I tend to draw inspiration from actual experiences – so if you read my story “the Special Fuck” in the Love Notes anthology, you’ll be reading about something that actually happened to me and my girlfriend Dana.

The parent company, Ravenous Romance, is in full PR swing with free stories to download, Valentine’s Day specials, etc. I’m hoping to do many more stories and maybe even a novel or two with this imprint, so if you like my work and my stories, make sure you let them know!

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