Plan D

Plan A was a blacklit neon body-painting suspension deal with the same artist who worked with us at the Inferno Re-Orient performance (of which you can see the vidcasts here (not work safe)). But the painter is out of town.

Plan B was the combination of shibari, muppets, MST3K, and tentacle sex. A good idea, but not enough time to make it work.

Plan C we stuck with for quite a while–a play off of the “Wolf/Moon/Little Red Riding Hood” theme. I wanted it to be funny, humorous, burlesque. The problem is, in order to make something funny, you have to be able to be serious with it first, and you have to be so proficient in your skillset that you can fake mistakes and such. Watch a comic figure skater sometime; they are far and away the most talented of that genre of performer, because before you can make it look hard, it has to be easy. So even when we went to plan C.5, for a while, we ended up throwing it out.

Now we’re at Plan D: Do Something Cool. And that we seem to have pretty well in hand. The picture above is from a photostream I’ve started at Flickr (work safe, though people are tied up occasionally). Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the pics off of the other camera yet–another artist has painted a mural behind the frame that is fantastic. and I, once we stopped trying to be humourous, slipped into a very dynamic, intense energy, and with the hoop from FlyGirl I think we’ll do just fine.

I’ve basically taken a holiday from Rope Weekly, but I believe I’ll get it up tonight. I’ve got lots of material, but just not the time to put it together.

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