Notes for the Ropecast 5.2.07

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The listener appreciation ropecast, where I go back and read all those letters you’ve been sending but I’ve been neglecting! Plus, some thoughts on dealing with breakups in the scene, and an interview with Lqqkout of

Don’t forget to listen to Michael’s message over there on MyChingo. Also, I got one more bit of advice just as the podcast went to print that I couldn’t include. I’d like to mention part of it here:

"One of the things that I find helpful any any breakup especially with those whom I am keeping a friendship status with is to do a physical change to mark the emotional change. For my this has included: moving, dying my hair, cutting my hair, changing my clothing style, painting and rearranging rooms. This change that I can see helps to reflect the emotional change that I am feeling." — A Petite Blonde

This actually is something I did a bit of; I did purchase a full rope kit, made of Monk’s Lifeline, and it became my new preferred rope kit because it was rope that had never had minx or genevieve in it. It was my way of moving on, and it became a ritual of moving along.

Any other suggestions from you guys here in Blogland?

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