NewsFlash: JD Uses Hemp – Satan Buys Snowshoes!

Two Knotty Boys Showing Your the RopesI’m sure I’m making a mountain out of a molehill here, but one of the funny things about the rope world are the silly little customs – or even just events – that get inflated into “that’s the way it has to always be!!” Remember the whole “barefoot nawashi” idea?

One of those silly rumors is that if you rope fusion style – like Dan & JD of the Two Knotty Boys – you must use MFP or some other artificial, “slick” rope. Hemp, that’s one camp, fusion style, that’s the other camp – there wasn’t exactly acrimony between the two groups, but I think there might have been a little bit of hauteur on the one side and a little bit of “well, ok, dude, whatever, Mr. Stick-up-your-butt” on the other.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

However, what I can say is that the new shoot that they did with Yumi-U and Z-Maitri is unequivocally hot. Just check out JD’s livejournal for the proof (I’d love to re-post the image here, but don’t have permission). And yes, this is all part of their run up to publishing a new book and also offering a really cool workshop on “Dominance Bondage“, but who cares? These guys are the pros that Laura Antoniou talked about in her LLC keynote, and we should give them our money.

Plus, their music on their video really mellows you out:

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