NewsFlash! Cherries Jubalie on!

It is with great pleasure that I tell you all that my friend and colleague Cherries Jubalie has just had her debut set with put online. You can check out the preview here, of course, but you’ll have to actually sign up, if you want to see the whole update. Having seen Cherry in action in person, I can vouch for the fact that it is quite a treat.

Cherry is one of those very intense masochists with an incredibly intense sense of wanting be Amazing – you can see a glimpse of it on her face in this image of a DoNotTryThisAtHome strappado suspension (notice the look on Felony’s face, too: OhMyGodShe’sGoingUp!).

And if you watch this video, you’ll see a bit of that determination and performance skills as she buries her face in Felonious Pussy:

Cherries Jubalie on the Job

Cherries Jubalie on the Job

And another reason to join is because of the soon-to-be-released interview with Claire Adams that will be up on the Ropecast. We talk about her work at Kink, among other things, so why not sign up for a month and use it as “study notes” for the podcast?

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